QuickBooks Basics

As soon as you log in, you’ll see the most important information about your business on your Dashboard.


Profit and Loss

On the dashboard, QuickBooks shows your profit and loss, how much you spent, your sales summary, and what people owe you.


Create Your First Invoice

And if you need to add something, like a sale or an invoice, you can do that right here.


Add with the Plus Menu

You can also create invoices, and just about anything else, from the plus menu.


Using the Search Bar

Once you’ve created a bunch of invoices and cheques, you might need to find one. Click search and enter the cheque number, date or amount.


The Left Navigation Bar

QuickBooks has lots of good stuff on the left navigation bar. Under Invoicing you can see your customers, sales, and products or services you’re selling for your business.



You can also get to QuickBooks reports here on the left.


The Gear Menu

One more place you can look for things is the gear icon at the top right. You probably won’t need to use these tools as often, but this is where you’ll find your company settings and profile information.


Advanced Accounting Tools

This is where you can find advanced accounting tools like Reconcile, Budgeting and the Audit Log.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone